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We provide a cost-effective option when you are looking for reliable motorbike GPS trackers. Easier to steal than a car, a motorbike is particularly vulnerable to theft, but by investing in one of our trackers, you could enjoy the peace of mind that you will know as soon as your bike is moved unexpectedly.

Our trackers will give you the ability to see the position of your motorcycle on demand, whilst a variety of alerts can be set to ensure that you are always aware of any problems with your bike – including a geo-fence alarm which will alert you if your motorbike leaves a set area, and a movement alarm which will let you know if your bike moves more than 200m and a vibration alert that will send you a message if anyone even touches your bike. Place an order today to take advantage of our highly competitive prices on motorbike GPS trackers, and enjoy free delivery on your order.

Fuel prices are rising every year. When fuel in vehicles is misused, it pushes a company's costs up. Keeping these costs in check requires a state of art fuel monitoring technology.

Myriad Services Fuel Monitoring System is different in the way that it operates compared to the common fuel monitoring systems like CANBUS, Standard Sensors which fail to take into account the consumption rate, the load, the road quality and driving pattern of a driver. Myriad Services Fuel Monitoring solution is very different in the way that it operates. It measures the actual amount of fuel in the tank and the amount of fuel being STOLEN, and it also records the fuel consumption over any period of time. The sensor reading is highly accurate

Myriad Services Fuel Sensors are unique in that they are suitable for use in all types of vehicles and machines; small vehicles, mine haulers, fuel tanks and stationary tanks. The sensors do not require regular maintenance, hence once installed, they will keep working for years.

The fuel sensors:

Are easy to install.
Have high precision of measurement.
Have fail safe operation in the temperature range.

This is a stand alone remote activated alarm and immobiliser system with perimeter and interior protection by means of either an ultrasonic, shock, microwave or glass break sensor. This system has built in anti-hijack functionality. This alarm system protects the perimeter of the vehicle in that if any of the doors, boot, bonnet etc are opened a siren will sound. The system can be configured to lock and unlock any vehicle’s central locking system but the use of additional modules might be needed.


Live, web based vehicle tracking for access anytime, anywhere.
Vehicle tracking using high quality mapping including satellite and street view.
Journey trails and replays.
Find my nearest vehicle and job dispatch tools.
Driver behaviour monitoring as standard.
Point of interest, barred locations and geo zones.
Comprehensive reporting suite with adhoc and automated reports.
Business intelligence dashboard.
Fuel monitoring, web apps for easy access


Decrease fuel consumptionIncreased driver productivity/ jobs per day.
Improve driving behaviour.
Eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage.
Verify time sheet and over time claims.
Improve customer response times.
Increase vehicle security.
Reduce insurance premiums.
Monitoring fuel levels.